“Elective” can’t wait.

Orthopaedic surgeries are critical. They dramatically improve quality of life for patients who can’t get back to work, move, or sleep, without severe pain.1

Nearly 130,000 Canadians have been waiting in pain for orthopaedic surgeries across the country since having an appointment with a specialist in 2020.

And COVID-19 caused multiple shutdowns in hospitals that perform these elective surgeries.

Canadians need these surgeries so they can get back to work and get back to living their lives without bone and joint pain.

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Take Action

With the ongoing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and as our healthcare system works to stabilize in the coming months, we know Canadians need to get back to work, faster. Use this form to send an email to your provincial representative letting them know you want your province to plan to safely get more surgeries up and running and invest in better care for everyone. 

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Waiting in pain has a ripple effect on Canadians, the economy, and our healthcare system.

The longer patients wait for surgery:

  • the higher their chances of opioid addiction, as well as extreme stress and anxiety
  • the less benefit they get from a joint replacement operation
  • the worse their other conditions can get due to inactivity
  • the worse their disability can become



… all of which prevents Canadians from returning to work and increases pressure on the healthcare system.



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As we plan for the future of our healthcare, decision makers need to invest to #FastTrackCare. Email your provincial representative and tell them they need to:  

Allow surgeons to perform more surgeries

  • We have the surgeons and capacity to ramp up, but provincial governments limit the amount of procedures they can perform. This needs to end.

Invest in new technologies and techniques that get patients in and out of the hospital faster and reduce pressure on the system

  • Many orthopaedic surgeries can be done more efficiently with new technologies and innovative techniques, reducing the time patients spend in the hospital.

Prioritize orthopaedic procedures

  • Canadians waiting in pain for important orthopaedic procedures are being left behind. Provincial governments need to encourage hospitals to make orthopaedic surgeries high on their list of priorities when planning for elective surgeries.