“Elective” can’t wait.

Orthopaedic surgeries are critical. They dramatically improve quality of life for patients who can’t get back to work, move, or sleep, without severe pain.1

Almost 130,000 Canadians were waiting in pain for orthopaedic surgeries across the country after making an appointment with a specialist in 2020.2 Since the pandemic, that number grew by another 38% to nearly 180,000 Canadians.3


Canadians need these necessary and life-changing surgeries so they can get out of pain and back to living their lives.

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Take Action

Waiting for orthopaedic surgery is debilitating and forces patients to live in pain, impacting their quality of life. Tell the federal government to act now and deliver the funding promised, so more procedures can be performed and Canadians waiting for orthopaedic surrgeries can get the care they need. 

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Waiting in pain has a ripple effect on Canadians, the economy, and our healthcare system.

The longer patients wait for surgery:

  • the higher their chances of opioid misuse, dependency, and addiction
  • the greater the impact on their mental health, including extreme stress and anxiety
  • the more likely they are to experience financial loss or impact such as job or savings impact or loss
  • the less likely they are to return to work after getting surgery
  • the worse their other conditions can get due to inactivity
  • the worse their disability can become


… all of which prevents Canadians from resuming their lives and increases pressure on the healthcare system.



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As we plan for the future of our healthcare, decision makers need to invest to #FastTrackCare. Email your federal representative and tell them they need to act now to deliver the full $6 billion in funding promised to address backlogs, so that more orthopaedic surgeries can be performed and those waiting in pain can get the care they need.